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:) [22 Nov 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | loved ]

aww! danielle katie and mia just called me from ponzio's. i l-o-v-e them.

muahaha- they said homecoming sucked anyway, so i saved my mom money cos she didnt hafta buy me an outfit.. YAYY MORE MONEY FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!

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diu99858ir00. blah. [22 Nov 2003|10:34pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

october air reminds me of all the feelings of your looove and what is was like.. when we were together. </3>not wanting</b> to go wasnt good enough.

rthi1u98q2v4fkj. I HAVE SO MANY FUCKING PROJECTS TO DO OVER BREAK! all my teachers say to relax and really use this time to "take it easy". HOW THE FUUUUUCK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO THAT WHEN I HAVE 8 PROJECTS TO DO FOR ALL OFF YOU! die-die-die-burn. this entry is over, and i have no way of ending on a happy note like i would like to cos right now i have no happyness. later days.

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dr seuss.. [19 Nov 2003|06:05pm]

screw what you think.. i am going to see it :D
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so dont complicate it by hesitating.. [19 Nov 2003|05:18pm]
[ mood | good ]

ohh pretty journy.. i never write in you anymore, but you are still loved.

alrighty so tomorrowwwww i was supposed to have a bio and an algebra test, and i brought all my books home, and then lammers reminded me the math test was cancelled. HOW SCHWWEEEEET IS THAT!? i peed my pants out of mere happiness. the good things that have happened today are all putting me in a good mood.. i lost thing 1 on the bus and then found him in my bookbag! then my math test was cancelled for tomorrow! then tomorrow i dont have english! AND THEN TONIGHT THE OC IS ON! ryan=onehotmother. and i have gym tomorrow, but why that is a good thing i will keep to myself :)

friday is the alumni games and the girls state game.. which do i go to? :/ i figure if i dont have a ride to the state game then alumni games here i come.. and then saturday is the homecoming dance and i dont feel like going but everyones like yelling at me for not going.. whatever.

WHAT THE HELL. the volume on my cd player keeps going UP and down then UP and then down again.. i think i need a new one, i'll put it on my xmas list.

laurens a flamer.

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cos its the C-L-A-S capital S dont you forget the I-C-K [13 Nov 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | cold ]

whatttttt. i'm back, felt the obligation to update this jaun. SO HERE GOES IT:

x name= laura ashley rose classick
x piercings= 2 in right ear, 3 in the left one
x tattoos= i kinda want one..
x height= five foot three.
x shoe size= 8?
x hair color= dark brown
x hair length= a little longer then shoulder length.. it needs a cuttin'
x siblings= jim and donna

x movie you rented= dude, brainfart. i dono..
x movie you bought= FINDING NEMO!
x cd you bought= wow i haven't bought one since dashboard i think :/

x you have a bf or gf= nope
x you wish you could live somewhere else= heights suits me for now..
x you think about suicide= think about it.. not about doing it
x you believe in online dating= no
x others find you attractive= HA NO
x you want more piercings= yess
x you drink= ..funny you ask
x you do drugs= the ones the doctor gives me 0:)
x you like cleaning= do you like asking pointless questions?
x you like roller coasters= they are a thrill..
x you write in cursive or print= uh i kinda slurr them together..

x long distance relationships= thats no fun.. you never see the person
x using someone= clarify what you are using them for..
x killing people= let the mafia do that..
x teenage smoking= no
x premarital sex= lets talk about SEX babyy
x driving drunk= driving-yes; drunk-yes; together-no
x gay/lesbian relationship= i dont care

x food= italian food
x song= i have a lot of them..
x thing to do= FAVORITE THING EVER is prolly just being with friends
x thing to talk about= lots of stuff and a bag of chips
x sports= soccer&track
x cd= dashboard, old good charlotte, christinas xmas cd <-ha loser.
x drink= mr pibb
x tv show= family matters. you know what i'm talking 'bout bitch.
x clothes= my oldest st rose track tee with the holes in the collar
x movies= bill. and teds. excellent adventure.
x band= ehm. look at the backround, then the icon, then the user name, and ask me this question again..
x holiday= the ones that happen from october to december.. haha.
x nerdy saying= the loser cough.. ya know, ::cough:: loser ::cough:: but the people who are really good at it like slurr it all together..

x ever cried over a guy/girl= many a time matey, many a time.
x ever lied to someone= mommy says little white lies are ok.
x ever been arrested= not actually arrested..

x of times I have been in love?= never truly..
x of times I have had my heart broken?= i derno?
x of hearts I have broken?= none dude, i aint mean like that
x of girls I have kissed?= 0. does that make me boring?
x of boys I have kissed?= dude its in the triple digits.
x of drugs taken illegally?= none
x of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life= if i really have to sit here and think about it, i am guessing none.
x of people I consider my enemies?= i dont like people, but they arent enemies
x of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?= once?
x of scars on my body?= dono exactly. thurrs a nasty one on my leg though
x of things in my past that I regret?= if i started counting i may never stop..

x disney movie= finding nemo monsters inc..
x scent= clinique happy heart i know. i am a loser.
x swear word= ah fuck it, i cant fucking remember the fucking word.
x nickname= does classick count? CLASSICKA* oh and booger.
x eye color= hazelish
x flower= the purrty ones
x piercing= i like lip ones on guys.. and that other part under your lip and above your chin.. ya get me?

x pretty= no
x funny= at times
x hot= no
x friendly= i think so
x amusing= sometimes
x ugly= if pretty is no, and hot is no, how about you guess the answer to ugly..
x loveable= maybe?
x optimistic= ehh.
x caring= i think so
x sweet= as candy
x dorky= yes haha
x Spell your first name backwards= a..r..u..a..l- took me a little while there..
x The story behind your user name= its my name. and some numbers and pretty x's.
x Are you straight?= yessireebob
x Where do you live?= in H-Heights. wuurrd.
x 4 words that sum you up= my name is laura.

x Wallet= a cool brown fuzzy billabong one..
x Hairbrush= go kill yourself.
x Toothbrush= green.
x Jewelry worn daily= a bracelet that i always wear. although the other half never wears it.
x Pillow cover= clouds
x Blanket= stars
x Coffee cup= these hot ass mugs with pics of my like 4th grade soccer team.
x Sunglasses= cool ones
x Shoes= anything from chucks to nikes to steve maddens to bakers to slippers
x shirt= the one i have on now is my pj tshirt hehe. its got tweety cos tweetys the shit.

WHO or WHAT (was/is/are)-
x In my mouth= my teeth and tongue are
x In my head= air
x Wishing= it was xmas break
x Something that you are deathly afraid of?= i dono
x Do you like candles= yeah
x Do you like the taste of blood= yes i love it a lot. i am a vampire.
x Do you believe in love= yeah
x Do you believe in soul mates= sure
x Do you believe in love at first sight= dono
x Do you believe in God= i think so
x What do you want done with your body when you die= i dont know people.
x Who is your worst enemy?= you asshole
x If you could have any animal for a pet= a black lab puppy. good god i want one so bad.
x What is the latest you've ever stayed up= all night
x Can you eat with chopsticks= no
x What's your favorite coin?= quarters
x What are 5 cities you wouldn't mind relocating to?= 5 is to high. heights is fine.
x What are some of your favorite pig out foods?= chips, cookie dough, ice cream.
x Who is one person u wish u could have back/or be with at the moment?= *sighs* why are you so darn stupid? doh!
x Whats something that you wish people would understand?= me. sometimes i seem very easy to understand, and at other times i am the most complicated fuck evor.
x What's something you wish you could understand better?= why certain stuff has happened the way it did..

WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE! i am born in '89 so now i cant get my permit until i am 17. BUT NO- people born in '88 are in the clear. COCKSUCKERS.

cianfrani's an anal.

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skidddle didddle kernel POP [04 Nov 2003|10:01pm]
[ mood | good ]

biiiitch! okay so recently in my adventures of being a 14 year old- i didnt go to school yesterday cos of this whole pain thingy i was having.. and then after the doctors me and mum went out to eat and went shopping. it was a fun day off from school.. then today i came home and i was eating my halloween candy, AND I ATE AN INSIDE-OUT REESE'S PEANUT BUTTER CUP! bahh. i was amazed, but i think it tastes better the normal way..

cat in the hat. its laura's favorite new thing. wanna make me happy? go buy me cat in the hat stuff.. i am even making my friend frank wear his tie on the cat in the hat side.. are you ready for this? its this off the hook tie with "one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" on one side, and the cat in the hat with stripes on the other side! you are not "cool" in my book unless you like cat in the hat. and my starburst bracelet is done and might i add it looks hot..


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fuck.yes.babeyyy. [26 Oct 2003|12:03am]
[ mood | crazy ]

wow. tonight was the greatest night of my whole life. i LOVE you.

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thats just swell [19 Oct 2003|12:46pm]
[ mood | good ]

bahh i am watching pleasantville. its such a good movie. but i only have one contact cos i took one out last night at nadine's and i dont have anymore at home. i'm such a whore.. a stupid one at that.
later kids.

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hi [12 Oct 2003|12:50am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i am watching snl.

tonight was ok, and then once i got home it all just sucked and life sucks and i really aint finding anything good right now to make me feel any better. i dont feel like crying though. that would make me feel worse.

lammers told me to update cos shes the only one who reads this shit. you're hot lamm ;)

Auto response from Billiam1241: killing myself over my love for laura

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blah [28 Sep 2003|12:39am]
[ mood | pissed off ]

fuck you. seriously this time.

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hehe [23 Sep 2003|06:43pm]
[ mood | silly ]

ryan21212169: hey laura i see that you like messages when you come back so im gonna send you one puppy. lol i jus used the word puppy. maybe i meant buddy. who knows. well anyway i havent seen you in a while we need to hang out some time. i hope your having lots of fun at BE tho, it seems as if you like it....and geuss what.....my new favorite thing is Dashboard lol.....they are so hot....im gonna try to get their cd somehow without buying it maybe ill steal it from someone....nah thats mean ill buy it...cuz i got 300 buckaroos from working my lil ass off...well anyway i love you....seeya later..and well theres your "lil" message.

my away message said to leave me a message so ryan did. hahaha that totally made my year :)

LaUrAx007x: RYAN CASS!!!!!!!!!!!
ryan21212169: laura classick you are my love

so schools good, people are awesome, teachers are cool, HOMEWORK FUCKING SUCKS, projects can kiss my ass, parties are fun though. these people are so rich that one girl's dad was driving her to one of the parties and they got lost and never showed, so to make it up to her she's having a party at top dog. uh ok? i get to go and not have to pay for it.. THATS AWESOME! damn, some people have money coming out their anals.. FOOOOOD! i'ma go eat dinner..

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blahh [16 Sep 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i. am so. tired. school and soccer have caught up to me.. damn you homework.

we had a game today vs camden catholic and we won, but jones was still mad at us. he says we played better the game we lost.. yeah ok? does he realize we won? fucking british.. they dont understand how we do it here in america.. oh yay! we are doing secret sike for soccer.. so starting next week i get candy and goodies in my locker! that'll be fun stuff.

yeah so whats with this hurricane businness? are we getting hit or not cos i feel like having off friday even if our welcome dance is that night.. whateverr we'll see. i gotta go print out my paper and then go to bed. peacee.

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go on and save yourself.. [12 Sep 2003|11:50pm]
[ mood | groggy ]

holla back youngen.

its been a lil while, my computer sucks and livejournal wouldnt come up so i couldnt update.. uh i hate my allergies with a mad-fucking-passion..

today was the opener of the season for fall sports and such.. we lost, but we shouldnt have the ref just fucking sucked. we had a goal and it didnt count, wtf?! and the other team scored but beat the shit out of our goalie while doing it. YA FUCKERS. kiss my ass shawnee, we are better :) we are kicken some madd ass this year, i can feel it.

tonight this chick danielle had people over, and once again her house is in those developement things with all the big huge nice houses. well screw you, heights suits me fine. she had a lot of good food and that made me happy. as for now i am gonna go chat with people. ok i love you, buh bye.

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hehe. muaha. haha. weee. [06 Sep 2003|11:11pm]
[ mood | sore ]

i walked home tonight and before i turned to go into my house this white car rode by me blasting music.. it was dashboard :) whoever that person was, they rock my world.

aiiight today i had soccer at fucking 8 in the AM and i had to be at school at 7:50. wow was that hell trying to get up.. then jinx came over and we got showers and such and went out with lamm and kt.. we went to ralphs and got food. then we walked around. then we had this big freshman welcome day and such.. it was cool hanging out with the school peoples.. tonight, we did the same thing, walked around. woot, what a party that was.. but it was really awesome seeing everyone. god i miss my srs gang like its my job.

my ankles are fucking shot. walking is so hard becos they hurt that bad.. some girl decided to be an asshole and miss the ball, and instead kick my foot during our scrimage vs sterling. whateverr. i dono what i managed to do to the other one.. but it hurts like a motherr. penis.

mock. YEAH. ing. YEAH. bird. YEAH. YEAH. YEAH.

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hands down this is the worst day i can ever remember.. [04 Sep 2003|07:14pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

HOLLLAAAA. for all you naggars that read this, i obviously havent been posting, but NOW i will. and for those of you who may not enjoy my company.. no, i'm not dead :P

school started and i love it. highschool fucking rocks your sister. i love the soccer girls, and homeroom kicks YOUR ass. and new guys is fun!! but do be reassured that i love the old ones too.

ehm. now on with why this is titled with edited dashboard lyrics..

1- soccer scrimaged was cancelled today. practice wasnt. coach needs to suck a chode, if he got his ribs taken out, he could suck his own :)
2- *this one is semi-long and REALLY sucky. try to follow me.. we had summer reading, i lost my paper, took thomas's paper to copy.. [hes not in the same english but i swore we had the same paper] all the questions on it were the same. the one difference? one of the books on his list was not on my list. THAT WAS THE BOOK I DECIDED TO READ. well FUCK the little green paper i lost. so this weekend i have to read a whole new book. do know that i didnt answer the questions for the other book though, so thats not a problem its just the reading of a new book..
3-went to go get the new summer reading book at the library. the mofo wasnt opened.
4-i have this incredibly easy and very short worksheet to do for algebra. its in my locker as of right now. i think school hates me..
5-i tripped in the locker room which was entertaining and a good chuckle for us all, but it hurt like a bitch. my ass is like WHOA. i think school hates me..
6-i am really pissed i didnt go out last night with the girls cos of fucking forgetting to buy stuff at cvs and then it down pouring.
7-ths good news, i have no school tomorrow. the bad news? i need to get up early cos people come to clean the house, and i have a summer reading report to do. woohoo. [by now you MUST have caught that the last woohoo was sarcasm, and if you didnt, leave.]

A GOOD THING DID HAPPEN TO ME TODAY THOUGH! lamm gave me the new book i needed, and copied the algebra worksheets for me. shes my hero.

wow. i am done. i havent been online in a while and i want to talk to people. cyaaa.

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VMA NIGHT! [28 Aug 2003|11:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

eeee. ayyy. giii. elll. eeee. esss. EAGLES!

yeah so me dan gina and dans friend went to the eagles game tonight. we left cos we were loosing 17 to 9 against the jets. so we left and got some wendys. i heart food.

HOW BOUT THEM VMAS! damnnn madonna and britney kissed. so did the big M and xtina. crazy.. but i liked the performance. i missed a lot of it so i am gonna go watch the repeat. OH YEAH! and tmm is the last day of doubles for soccer.. i survived :) laterr.

music stations always play the same song, we're born with the concept of right and wrong.

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partttty up in G's hizzouse [27 Aug 2003|11:13pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

yeah baby! G hadda schweet pool party tonight and everyone went and i almost kicked vinnys ass. vince your annoying, if you werent gay then you wouldnt get ragged on so much. god kid, learn your lesson already.

soccer today was fun! wow it was like the greatest break of all time. frosh football team right in front of us, showing off for us, hotkidintightblackshirt WAS BANGING but i hear hes full of himself. well poo on you buddy.. and all the girls have eachothers sn's now.. and i got to see jimmy! the love of my life.. it was a good day :)

yeah so tonight i was in a totally hyper/crazy/nerdy mood in the beginning of the night. it was madd fun, almost jumped in with my clothes over my bathing suit for a second there. as for now i am gonna go yell at thomas, peace naggars!

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i hate heights :) [25 Aug 2003|11:36pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

i hate this town. it really blows. tonight we walked around and ran into people at st rose. i have come to the conclusion that i am mentally retarded, and THE weirdest/nerdiest/dorkiest person i know. i am serious too. i am odd to the extreme. i was talking to gina and mike and we were counting in spanish and couldnt think of how to say "eleven", so i came up with "uno uno". ya know, like 11, cos one is uno. i am gonna rewrite spanish my way.. that would be cool. and i'd teach it to all my friends and it'd be a secret code and spanish speaking people would be all like yeah we know what they are saying, and then i'd whip out the "uno uno" and they'd be all like whaaat? and i'd be all like yeaahh el-bitcho take that! ya, i'm done.

OK. so all my brothers friends invited me to the college party they are going to tonight.. and my brother had already left in someones car, so had i gotten into one of their cars, and been like "mom i'll be with jim", i could be at a college party right now. so whythefuck am i here? GOOD QUESTION LAURA! whos got the answer?

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this is gonna be a l o o n g entry.. [24 Aug 2003|10:48pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

wow its been a while.. i guess i'll just recap stuff i have been doing.. i mean that is why you are reading this right?.. cos you wanna know whats been going on?..

hmm i forget thursday.. no wait i know i had soccer.. oh yeah! ok so i came home, gotta shower, then went to cvs with gina kaitlin gans and liz.. then we ran into people and i got bored, and then i starting feeling sickish. so pat and flem walked me home.

friday me and my mom went to go get our hair cut and such. that was a rough morning, all outta control, and we ended up being a little late.. but it all worked out. uhh then that night i was gonna go out and i fell asleep on my couch. i was dead tirrred from soccer.

saturday morning i hadda get up and go to a retreat for confirmation. WOOHOO! 9 in the AM til 5 in the PM. it was ok i guess, fun at times. i collected a lotta peoples name tags cos i was wearing them all. i have some from people i have never even heard of.. then me and gina and her family went to avalon and stayed over the night.

sunday we got up and went to breakfast with dann at uncle bills. then we forced him to do a little shopping with us downtown. then he drove us to ocean city and we just chilled there all day. and i got chocolate covered strawberries :) and we got to go to wawa and make sandwiches. wow it was a really good day. then dann even drove us home and we ran into people and just hung out. then mike and keith biked me home on their pegs and i gots all ready for bed and shit.

err. i am NOT a happy camper. we have fucking double sessions of soccer this week. that sucks my anal SO bad.. from 12-1:30, then our break, and then 3-5. i mean i suck as it is, double sessions are not going to help me, so why am i going?

weee! got my schedule for school. on my C-Day i have 4 frees. so in all i have 3 classes i have to go to. thats the coolest thing ever. and then i still have my lunch period too.. so its like homeroom, FREES!, class, lunch, FREES!, 2 classes, and then i go home. thats amazing.

i need to go find future airings of the OC that i missed, and i gotta catch up on ginas journal. laaater.

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hello young chap [20 Aug 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

fuck you, no monsoon hit and i am forced to go to soccer. i hope you're happy. i am taking the "which britney spears song are you" quiz cos my bestest friend dan hughes made it. hes the one obbsessed with britney.. not me.

h u g h e s 639: i think u should put that in ur journal and say my bestfriend dan hughes made this
h u g h e s 639: so it gets publicity

You Are Britney's hit "Crazy"! You go
all-out all the time, but still manage to have
great sex appeal! what what!

Which Britney Spears Song Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

wooot! yea i still manage to have sex appeal. hahahahahaha no, not really.

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